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Zombie Assault Survival

Zombie Assault Survival

Survive limitless waves of the undead, armed with weapons, power-ups and more.
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Zombie Assault Survival Description

An apocalyptic single-player experience. This top-down zombie survival shooter introduces all the fun of console-gaming directly to you on your phone or tablet with simple yet responsive and intuitive controls.
Survive unlimited waves of the undead in unique settings. Arm yourself with weapons from weapon crates, open up areas of maps with points gained from killing zombies, and gain a significant advantage through the use of power-ups.
Each different map provides you with a unique experience through newly introduced features. Keep track of your high scores, kills, and round numbers and compare them with friends to see who is the best survivor. Level up by gaining experience and boast about your rank and stats on your Player Card.
Not enough for you? Well, new maps and features are being developed for future releases so that you will never grow bored.

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