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My Hero Academia : The last fight

My Hero Academia : The last fight

wonderful cartoon adventure hyper casual game .
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My Hero Academia : The last fight Description

My Hero Academia : The last fight is a wonderful cartoon adventure hyper casual game .
Our love to one of the best manga shōnen ever Boku No Hero Academia , and bnha movie season 4 and all other seasons push us to create this great game who call's أكاديمية الأبطال in ar language or مانجا.
Enjoy hours of fun with your loved zuku Midoriya , with the style of naruto, Explore new worlds, in a special experience.
go on a running adventure, where you should deffende Katsuki Bakugo from their enemies who try to get him like
- All for one .
- Magne .
- Mimic .
- Shigaraki tomura.
- Dabi
- Himiko Toga .
and many other super power fighters and enemies .

How to play :

Boku no hero is different on narutto or other super fighters games that you know , in our game the goal is to protect bakugo from his enemies with the help of his friend boku the fighter , so you need to swip him with your finger against any showed enemy and push him away .

BNHA features :

- colorful graphic and some My hero academy characters.
- simple control .
- beautiful japanese adventure.
- manga great sounds.
- perfect game size for all kind of phones .
- the game was made for all ages , kids , boys , girls and adults .
- So many characters You can find Your favorite .
- easy to use .
- no internet needed.

this game is free to play without any sell in app .
Disclaimer :
This game created from this mangã fans We not connect with this cartoon author and all brand or copyright have respective to the owner, please contact us if you feel we are infringe the copyright.
Install My Hero academia game and Enjoy !
If you like our game please don't forget to rate us with a five stars and Enjoy with us.

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