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Wonderfic-Read Novels&Stories&Books Description

Popular mass novels, Wonderfic is the best instrument for reading novels.

【A lot of excellent books】
Romantics, welwolfs, fantasies, modern, historical, science fiction, horror, LGBT, millionaires ... Abundant novels, it has everything you want!

【Extraordinary functions】
It is surprised made up of TXT , PDF and EPUB, easier to introduce local ebooks in your library ... There are incredible functions

【Entertainment at ease】
It surpasses the traditional experience, it has everything you deserve.

【Get them in seconds】
New deliveries, get them in seconds. You will not have to wait!

【Popular Contents】
《Dear psychopath》
Separated parents, a wayward teenager who takes advantage of the situation, and an experienced psychologist. One combination that seems common today and the most it can lead to is a parent-daughter reconciliation. However, Jessica is not the kind of teenager who accepts agreements and less when her new psychologist seems so attractive.

《How could I fall in love with my boss?》
life was not fair with alai a girl who from a young age fell in love with a man who caused a lot of damage to her life but due to fate she got rid of him, years later alai goes to work at the company of the millionaire maximum martinez who remains Captivated with her beauty from the first day but he does not want to fall in love so he treats his secretary in the most cruel way, but it is impossible for him. Alai in the midst of her suffering from the treatment of her boss, I do not expect that her past would come suddenly making both of them bond more. know the story of Alai Ramirez and Maximo martinez two completely different people but destined to be together

《My redemption》
Mia, a 17-year-old girl, is enchanted by a man older than her and it is not only that she is her daddy's best friend, Mia decides to seduce her daddy's friend until he finally falls for her charms, starting an unbridled passion between these lovers that they must hide because of what their daddy will say and what society will say.
enjoy this story full of lust and passion between these two lovers that nobody knows what will be the destiny of both if they are together or apart

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