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Dukaan - Create Your Online Dukan in 30 Seconds

Dukaan - Create Your Online Dukan in 30 Seconds

Create your Online Dukaan in 30 seconds and start selling to your customers.
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Sujish Kandampully
Sujish Kandampully
The app is easy to use and well made. The reason why I have given one star less is due to it needs one single improvement and i. e. When we are adding a new product of the same category multiple times we have to create that every time. Why is it so? Once a category is created then it should automatically appear in the category section while adding a new product but it always shows 'add a new category'. Please fix it & then I will give 5 stars. More improvements needed, others have mentioned it.
Posted 2 months ago
Amit Sachdeva
Amit Sachdeva
I really like this simple and easy to use. However being a seller some features are missing in it which needs to be taken care off. And why it is showing "Business not verified" 1. Online payment option 2. Merchant open and close time 3. Delivery expected time 4. Buyer should get the confirmation when their order is dispatched and delivered without refreshing screen. There are few more but I know you must be working on that and soon will update these. Gr8 going. Just keep it up.
Posted 2 months ago
khana pasanda
khana pasanda
It's amazing I have just downloaded and initiated, and uploaded some of my products, I found little problem to upload product image from photo gallery, the reduction of image system need to improve. The online payment option should be added. There should be space to write certain conditions on specific product selling. Atleast on perishable foods , once sold will not be taken back like or returning procedure , condition if any. In food items atleat Is there any option of getting end reports ?
Posted 2 months ago
App is good but need some improvements 1. Product page view styles list view already there but grid view with 3 product and producut name is if big then marquee alternate. 2. In catagories custom picture add by users. 3. Lite mode and dark mode option for customers. 4. Logo size and upper Marge and text size setting for users. This is using very much space some customers have small screen phones. 5. Online payment link. 6. Stock management auto sell decrease stock alert on minimum stock option.
Posted 1 month ago

Dukaan - Create Your Online Dukan in 30 Seconds Description

Dukaan's Catalogue (catalog) Maker help you launch your online store in 30 seconds. You can make beautiful product catalogues (catalogs) on your phone and share with your customers easily. Dukaan allows you to share your digital catalogues (catalogs) on different social media apps such as Whatsapp Business, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram etc.

Here are 4 simple steps to start using Dukaan:

1. Enter your Business Name, Address and start adding your products/catalogs.
2. As soon as you fill up those details, your online store will be created instantly and you will be able to obtain your Store Link from your Dukaan dashboard.
2. Share product/catalog/store links with anyone on WhatsApp.
3. Get notification as soon as you get any new order along with the customer's name, address and verified mobile number.
4. Deliver the order to your customer's location and mark the order as "Delivered".

Who Dukaan is for?
Dukaan is for anyone who wants to sell any kind of products or services online through WhatsApp. Dukaan can be a super useful product for the following businesses:

1. Grocery shops
2. Restaurants/hotels
3. Fruits and Vegetable stores
4. Electronics shops
5. Clothes, Jewellery, or Furniture stores

Here are the features of Dukan:

? Manage Products and Catalogues

- Add new products and set prices
- Edit existing product prices
- Turn on or off product availability
- Delete products
- Manage catalogs (Share, add, edit, delete)

⌛ Process Orders

- Fulfil, reject, or archive orders for each of your stores

? Review Store Performance

- View sales reports by day, week, or month
- Download your sales reports

? Sell On More Sales Channels

- Share your store with anyone on WhatsApp/Facebook
- Share specific product or catalog on Whatsapp/Facebook

? Additional Features

- 0 fees on transactions. Which means we do NOT take any commission from you for any orders.
- Multiple devices support
- Generate business cards and share with others
- Manage your inventory and product variants easily
- Smart product recommendations on your shop for your customers

Additionally, Dukaan is available in over 150 countries and presently supports the English language. Over 12000 stores are already using Dukaan to sell their products on WhatsApp.

If you have any questions about Dukaan, feel free to write to us on [email protected] and we would be happy to help you out.

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