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麻雀点数計算 超実践問題集【麻雀点数計算 実践練習の決定版!】

麻雀点数計算 超実践問題集【麻雀点数計算 実践練習の決定版!】

The definitive edition of the Mahjong score calculation practice app! One for transliteration calculation, mark calculation, point calculation!
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麻雀点数計算 超実践問題集【麻雀点数計算 実践練習の決定版!】 Screenshots

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麻雀点数計算 超実践問題集【麻雀点数計算 実践練習の決定版!】 Description

This application was introduced in the feature book “Recommended! Carefully selected mahjong application” at the beginning of Takeshobo “Modern Mahjong June 2020”.
We are looking forward to hearing from you.

+++ [App introduction] +++
"Mahjong score calculation practice Ver.2" released since last year is used by many people. I thank you again.
In the review section, etc., we received the opinion that the number of exercises in the practice question collection is small, so we have newly developed an application specialized for the practical problem part of mahjong score calculation.
We recorded 12,175 questions of the number of questions!
Since we are adopting from the Agari form that appeared in actual mahjong, we are proud that we can do practical practice that other apps do not have.
In addition, you can use it not only for the calculation of the basic mark but also for the calculation of the number of transliterations and the calculation of the final Agari score by a wide variety of options.
I think that this application has been widely used by beginners to intermediate Mahjong players, so I would like you to practice it repeatedly and master score calculation.
Thank you for your patience with Mahjong score calculation practice Ver.2.

+++ [Features] +++

・ Practice app for Mahjong score calculation that allows you to practice quickly with just a tap
・ The total number of questions is 12,175.
・ Because all the problems are adopted from the agari type that appeared in actual battle, practical calculation practice is possible
・ Training in strategic time with time attack mode
・ With abundant application settings
”I want to practice some problems over and over again”
”I want to practice only transliteration calculation for beginners”
”I only want to practice complicated 50-plus mark calculation”
”I want to practice accurate mark calculation with the basic mark before rounding up”
It is possible to practice according to various needs such as
・ The accuracy of score calculation is objectively grasped by checking the results of various items such as the total correct answer rate, the recent 30 correct answer rate, the longest consecutive correct answer number, etc.
・ It can be used widely from beginners' transliteration calculation practice to confirmation of intermediate level knowledge.


Rules that have multiple interpretations, such as local rules, are basically explained in accordance with the rules for rank battles in the Mahjong online game "Tenho".

・ Main rules

Rounding up without Mange / With eating tongue / With prepending / Four-pound tiles with 4 heads / Counting 13 or more verses / No double role / Tsumo Peace 20 marks / Eating peace 30 marks / Seven pairs 2 verses 25 marks (Tsumo (Without the mark)


+++ [credit] +++

Illustration: Mahjong tofu / TOPECONHEROES / ink material
Font: Fontdas / Musashi System
SE: Sound Effect Dictionary / OtoLogic / Free sound effect material jellyfish craftsman

+++ [Disclaimer] +++

・ Even if any damage occurs to the user etc. by using this application, the developer will not be responsible for such damage.
・ Please note that the specifications of this application may be changed, revised, updated, or stopped publishing without notice, and the service may be terminated.

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