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Card King -Free Indian Poker Game

Card King -Free Indian Poker Game

Free Indian Poker Card Game Online
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Card King -Free Indian Poker Game Description

Card King is a free online card game that allows you to play free Indian poker games for big wins and with players who like rummy 、callbreak、solitaire、donkey and especially Teen Patti (flash) Card game , a three cards game that inspired by British card game, 3-card brag. Challenge your friends in Card King to enjoy tthis social Indian poker game for Free now.

How to play in Card King?
For the variation teen patti game , Card King is more exciting, more rewarding and much easier as an online card game.
All the players bet their chips for multiple seats and get rewards if their chosen seats’card rank are higher than the dealers’ .
What are the rules for Win?
----Card rank and rewarding odds as a winner
1. Trail
-Three cards of the same rank.
-10* chips

2. Straight RUN
- Three consecutive cards of the same suit
- 8* chips
3. Normal RUN
- Three consecutive cards not all in the same suit.
-6 * chips
4. Color
- Three cards of the same suit that are not in sequence.
- 5*chips
5. Pair
- Two cards of the same rank.
- 3* chips
6. High Card
- A hand of three cards which is not a pair, color ,normal run, straight run, or trail .
The best high card hand in teen patti would be AKJ
- 1* chips or 2 * chips( include K or A in the cards)
Card King offers you real fun in playing Indian poker games online .Totally free to start .Don’t hesitate to have a try!

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