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麻雀点数計算練習 Ver.2

麻雀点数計算練習 Ver.2

It is an application that can learn and practice score calculation for mahjong beginners. As it was DL more than I thought, it was greatly updated!
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麻雀点数計算練習 Ver.2 Description

For beginners who have learned the basic rules and list of mahjong rules, it is an application developed for the purpose of learning the method of score calculation, which seems to be complicated among mahjong rules.

-We have released an updated version that totally reviewed the content and design!

You can learn Mahjong score calculation in the form of reference book.

1. Procedure of score calculation
Check of transliteration / Determine necessity of mark calculation / When mark calculation is not necessary / When mark calculation is necessary

2. Condition to become full
A condition to be full / a condition to be full / a condition to be double and a full three / a condition to be complete (counting)

3. Scoring score or more
Manchuan points / Jumping points / Doubles / Triples / Scores / Full marks / Passing points

4. Basic mark calculation method
4 elements of basic mark / second base / mark by tsumo or Ron / mark attached to tempay form / mark attached to the head of the head / round up of basic mark / exception of mark calculation

5. Passing of basic points and points
Confirmation of full penetration condition / Base point calculation / Child's Agari score / Parent's Agari score / 30-mark · 40-mark Agari score

At the end of each lesson, you will find a lesson summary and a proficiency test to help you establish your knowledge.

It is a practical mode in which Agari form is displayed at random and its transliteration, basic mark, and score are answered.

You can choose from the following four answer types to meet your needs such as intensive learning of basic mark calculation methods.

Answer all of 1 transliteration number, basic mark, score
2 Answer only transliteration and basic marks
3 Agari-shaped transliteration is displayed, answer only basic marks
4 Agari-shaped transliteration and basic marks are displayed, and only the final score is answered

Display Agari's points and payment points by selecting basic marks and transliteration numbers.

It can also be used to calculate the actual score.

In addition, in order to be able to learn the quick reading table memorization, also displays signs such as "strawberry, nick, gopper, pin pin rok ...".

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Basically, rules with multiple interpretations, such as local rules, are described in accordance with the rules of the rank rules of the mahjong online game Tengu.

In addition, in order to prioritize clarity, there is a part where the exact explanation is omitted.

I would be glad if you could help improve your spear power.

If you have any problems or comments, please send them to Twitter account @yjkym_gmc.

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