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JoKenPo (Rock, Paper, Scissors)

JoKenPo (Rock, Paper, Scissors)

JoKenPo, a fun game to pass your time!
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JoKenPo (Rock, Paper, Scissors) Description

In JoKenPo, players must simultaneously reach out, in which each has formed a symbol (meaning rock, paper or scissors). Then players compare the symbols to decide who won, as follows:

Stone beats the scissors (crushing or breaking it).
Scissors beat paper (by cutting it).
Paper beats the stone (wrapping it).
The stone is symbolized by a closed fist; the scissors by two outstretched fingers; and the paper by the open hand. If two players make the same gesture, there is a draw, and usually play again until the tie is broken. This game has one rule: it is not allowed to show stone twice in a row.

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