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My Secret Gallery

My Secret Gallery

How many paintings can you collect for your gallery?
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My Secret Gallery Description

My Secret Gallery

Welcome to the The Secret Gallery, an app that combines the excitement of blind surprise unboxing with beautiful art paintings. 

Join us on a little trip through a virtual gallery - YOUR gallery. It's up to You to collect as many beautiful art paintings as you can (until You get bored) and make your gallery have all the best paintings. You can expect to find art from such painters as Monet, Catlin, Pissarro, Gogh and more.

The app was inspired by the idea of blind surprise unboxing, but removes the elements of any money spending. It is targeted towards art lovers and those who enjoy virtual collecting. And of course those who enjoy the surprise of opening something.

My Secret Gallery is very simple to use and is 100% free, without any forced ads or in-app purchases. The only ads you choose to see, is if you want to open an extra surprise painting.

- Every 30 minutes you get to open a surprise blind painting.

- If you're still freshly excited - you can watch an ad to open another surprise blind painting to increase your collection.

- The more you collect, the more stunning your secret art gallery becomes. 

- There are over 100 art paintings to collect, with future updates planned to extend it to over 200.

If you're reading this far - do download and have a go at collecting as many beautiful art paintings as you can for your secret gallery!

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