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Match 3 Happy Fruits

Match 3 Happy Fruits

Jewels/Happy Fruits is simple yet challenging and beautiful match-3 puzzle game.
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Match 3 Happy Fruits Description

Jewels/Happy Fruits is a simple match-3 puzzle game similar to Jewels type of games.

Your goal is to swap adjacent fruits to create combinations of 3 or more fruits of the same color and type, horizontally or vertically.

When you match 4 or more fruits, horizontally or vertically the whole game field row or column is removed.

After removing fruits new fruits drop down on the game field. Quite often the falling fruits create new valid combinations causing a chain reaction (or cascade).

* 3 game modes: Normal, Timed and Endless
* Hints
* Infinite number of levels
* Saved games. Store your progress and resume playing later on.
* Android TV support
* Game pad support
* "Optimized for your device" graphics
* In game stats
* In game help

Notes on playing on Android TV

Happy Fruits on Android TV supports both, playing with a game pad or remote control.

Use your remote / game pad navigation keys to select a fruit on the game field. On your remote press the SELECT button over that fruit and then navigate to the next fruit you want to do a swap with, pressing SELECT again. When playing with a game pad instead of the SELECT button you can use the X, Y, A and B buttons. Double press of the SELECT (X, Y, A, B) button will give you hint if you have enough points.


Each removed fruit gives you 25 points. For example if you remove 3 fruits from the game field you will get 3 x 25 or 75 points.

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