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Aim International School

Aim International School

The main aim of AIM International School is to provide...
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Aim International School Description

The main aim of AIM International School is to provide all sorts of administrative data feature to a school/college at the reach of your hands. AIM International School provides complete automation of all the activities of school administration and achieves the vision of paperless administration.

AIM International School is a smart school management application for parents, teachers, and students which assists schools, colleges, and coaching classes. It improves the overall efficiency of the institution and will eliminate all sorts of manual errors, time consumption, tedious paperwork.

Our user-friendly web-based school management system software helps to manage the day to day activities effectively. The electronic processing of AIM International School takes a very little time in entering the data and at the same time to update it. This solution provides an internal communication & Learning platform among their students, teachers & management.

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