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百人一首 肉声読み上げアプリ 「あさぼらけ」

百人一首 肉声読み上げアプリ 「あさぼらけ」

A completely free recording by a male and female voice actor
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百人一首 肉声読み上げアプリ 「あさぼらけ」 Screenshots

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百人一首 肉声読み上げアプリ 「あさぼらけ」 Description

★ Recorded by 100 voice actors by two male and female voice actors

[App introduction]
It is an app for reading Hyakunin Isshu by two voice actors.
I asked Shinobu Ikuno for the main female voice reader and Haru Toyama for the sub male voice reader.

[Basic functions]
We have read-aloud audio from 101 male and female voice actors (including overtures).
It is completely free to use for competitions, competitions, practice, etc.

[Easy operation with large buttons]
Almost all operations can be performed by just tapping the screen.
Easy to use from children to the elderly.

[Ideal for memorizing Hyakunin Isshu]
Equipped with functions that are useful for memorizing Hyakunin Isshu, such as double speed playback, continuous reading, and selection of tags to read.

[Rich and flexible customization]
The following settings can be changed from the setting screen
1. Change the theme color of the app (by default, it is automatically changed for each season)
2. Voice switching (female / male / none)
3. BGM ON / OFF (silence during reading)
4. ON / OFF of sound effect
5. Customize the tag set to be read
(By default, it supports all / five color Hyakunin Isshu tag sets. You can also customize it yourself)
6. Change the reading order (random / non-overlapping / random / overlapping / song number order / syllabary order)
7. Change of reading (upper phrase → lower phrase / upper phrase → lower phrase x 2 / upper phrase only / lower phrase only)
8. Change playback speed (normal / 1.2 times / 1.5 times / 2 times)
9. Automatically move to the next tag (+ play automatically)
10. Change the display method of the song (match to read aloud / display all from the beginning / hide)
11. With / without overture

I would appreciate it if you could use it.

+++ [credit] +++
Read aloud: Shinobu Ikuno (female voice) / Haru Toyama (male voice)
BGM: Tsuyoshi Ochiba
Illustration: TOPECONHEROES / tomo / Frame illust / iwozon / olivia
Sound effect: Suzuki Satoshi / tces / Sakucchi Panda / Kzz-Musique / jellyfish craftsman

+++ [Disclaimer] +++
・ Even if any damage is caused to the user etc. by using this application, the developer will not be responsible for such damage.
・ Please note that the specifications of this application may be changed, revised, updated, or stopped publishing without notice, and the service may be terminated.

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