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Armata : Teste si Admitere

Armata : Teste si Admitere

Application for psychological tests and Admission in the army.
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Armata : Teste si Admitere Description

The application offers the following advantages

Containing ?
- SGP Category -> About Instruction, Role of a SGP, Role of each weapon, List of SGP Weapons, Duties of a SGP, SGP Score

-Category SubOfiter-> About Instruction, Role of a SubOfiter, Role of each weapon, List of SubOfiter Weapons, Duties of a SubOfiter, SUbOfiter Score

-Category Officer-> About Instruction, Role of an Officer, Role of each weapon, List of Arms Officer, Duties of an Officer, Officer Score

-Category Masters-> About Instruction, Role of a Master, Role of each weapon, List of Master Weapons, Duties of a Master, Master Score

- Military College -> Tests dedicated to VIII-personality, self-knowledge, career, intelligence and logic -> About career

-Category Tests -> over 1500 questionnaires with answers (self-knowledge, personality, intelligence, logic) dedicated in part for SGP-SubOffiters, Officers, Masters (+ indirect filings)

-Admission Category -> Presents about 100 PDFs of mate, English, physics, legislation and Romanian of the last 10 years, gathered together!

-Category Others -> Support, About the Application, Top questions, contact list centers, Addresses Mapn

-Forum -> Implemented directly on the application. (You can ask questions, answer, discuss all the categories included in the application)

We have implemented the "Rank" function
Those who get the highest score in the test are displayed in a mini-Rank.
I also implemented the Login panel.
You can log in directly through Facebook!

The tests can be restored up to 999 times.
PDFs can be downloaded automatically using the application.

The application does not belong to Mapn!
The application is NOT OFFICIAL!
The purpose of the application is as follows:
- Psychological evidence
- Increasing the Score
- Presentation of evidence
- Offering an opinion on the best weapon for you!

(The application aims to provide you with the best information)
Remember, before you ask us anything, document to the nearest WCC in your area !!
You will find a list of all emails, names and addresses in the "other" section!

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