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CPSB LaunchPad

CPSB LaunchPad

CPSB is your personalized cloud providing access to school on any device
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CPSB LaunchPad Description

CPSB LaunchPad is your personalized cloud desktop providing access to school from anywhere on any device. CPSB LaunchPad is ideal for empowering students and staff to maximize academic effort by facilitating access to academic tools using your personal virtual instructional desktop.

With more and different devices showing up in the classrooms today, users expecting 24/7 access, and schools needing to lower costs, a different approach is needed and quick.

CPSB LaunchPad gives you real time access to your cloud folders, any mapped Active Directory shares and Apps if your school or organization has CPSB LaunchPad.

Seamlessly access all your files:
Google Drive
School Network
CPSB LaunchPad Cloud Drive

Now with printing support! Print your documents to any Air Print connected printer.

PLEASE NOTE: Your school or organization must have CPSB LaunchPad WEB EDITION for this app to work.

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