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Raj English School-Varanasi

Raj English School-Varanasi

RAJ ENGLISH SCHOOL-Shivpurva, PO- Sarnath, Varanasi, U.P."
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Raj English School-Varanasi Description

The story behind foundation and successfully running of Raj English School is the inspiring account of a man, who ventured to his dreamed goal against the easy go of his contemporary society. Onlookers thought about him as a crazy young man who like the rest of his age group, was not running after a government job, despite having a doctorate degree in Philosophy. “Isn’t he wasting his career opportunity? He ought to apply for a job soon or he’ll be age barred.” They commented. But the twenty six year soft-spoken man with fine features paid a deaf ear to his critics. He had made up his mind to do something different on his own. He marched on candidly with firm determination to open an English medium school, which could impart quality education and cater to the need of the ever-growing population. He did not ask for any support from his affluent family or well-to-do relatives and friends. It was a Herculean task and things ahead were tough. But like a real fighter, he came above all odds and his dream is now a reality. Odds came before Dr. Hari Om Singh at every step but he tackled them with patience, courage and whole-heartedness and uncompromising spirit.

The beginning was modest and insignificant yet he kept on going undeterred and resolutely. Now Raj English School, by its services rendered and glorious achievements has carved a niche among parents and people.

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