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IQ Test & Training

IQ Test & Training

You can train and test your IQ score using fun games.
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IQ Test & Training Description

This application will help you to train and measure your IQ score. It is a colorful educational game that consists of two parts. The first part is used to train your brain in puzzles and solutions, while the second part is used to test your intelligence score. IQ scores are used for educational placement, assessment of intellectual ability, and evaluating job applicants. Riddles and explanations are available in 100 languages.

Why is this app?
- It provides you the complete explanations and answers so that you can increase your understanding of where you went wrong.
- Teach adults and children the ability to observe, solve problems, and analysis of the complexity of patterns.
- The unique puzzles with solutions are 1000.
- You can choose the number of questions and time for each IQ test.
- It consists of smart games that improve your brain skills.
- Run your imagination and find a logical explanation for the mysterious puzzles.
- It is for people who would like to get better each time they take a test and have fun in the process. So keep trying and keep improving your scores!
- Multilingual interface (100).

As parents, you can do a lot to help us spread the joy of education. Share this app with friends, family, schools, non-profit organizations, or simply post about it on Facebook or Twitter. One share, one tweet, can make a huge difference.

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