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Misyon Koruma Sınavı

Misyon Koruma Sınavı

Mission Protection Exam Preparation
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Misyon Koruma Sınavı Description

If you want a practical mobile application for the Mission Protection Exam Preparation, you should purchase this application.

Why should I buy?
Because you cannot carry the book anywhere and you need a practical application on your phone in your spare time, thanks to this application, you can evaluate your free time and prepare for the exam.

If you get an error while installing the app, contact your operator and open your line for online shopping.
Do I need to buy again when the app is deleted?
Is ▪Hay. Whether you format your mobile phone, delete the application by mistake or delete the application for any other reason; You can continue to use the application without charge again by using your e-mail address and password that you entered while downloading and purchasing the application again.
▪You can also log in with the same email address and your own user information from the tablet and use the application.

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