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Star Map 2020 : Sky Map & Stargazing Guide

Star Map 2020 : Sky Map & Stargazing Guide

The most accurate sky map to locate moon phases, stargazing and constellations
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Star Map 2020 : Sky Map & Stargazing Guide Description

Explore the whole Sky and the universe with Sky map 2020 and visit the live sky 3D view in real-time. Live sky map app shows a map of the whole sky and provides an interactive sky chart and star chart for all location, it also shows night sky guide. With a real-time Sky night view app you can find the position of the planets and stars constellation on the sky map. We developed this 3d sky map viewer to bring you a new view of Sky and moon. Use this sky app to identify Star gazer, Constellations, Moon phases and lunar calendar. You can explore the whole world map with this sky walk app. Sky map 2020 provides a 3d sky views, star map, space map, moon location, moon calendar, moon tacker and live earth map. Free SkyMap app shows the night star view in 3D and it is an amazing planetarium (planet finder) for your mobile. Sky map for android determines your location automatically and shows you any viewpoint, time and location on sky and earth. If you want to find a stars location then download this best star finder app, this app using star tracker functionality to find the position of a star in the sky. This is the best astronomy app to find a constellation and stargazing just download and open Sky Map 2020 and identify them. Sky Map and Star Gazing is an excellent educational app created especially for classroom use by educators during their natural science or astronomy classes.

Sky Map with Stars Constellations

SkyMap App 2020 provides a feature of Stars Constellations and star gazer. This magical star view and astronomy app bring star gazing to everyone. Star map app has a feature of a star locator, star chart, casual stargazer, and amateur astronomers to locate and explore objects in the Sky. Star finder and Star tracker app help you to find star Constellations in the sky night view. Sky map provides Planet finder which shows the location of planets, moon, and stars in the sky. Stars gazing and star constellations are a very useful app for students and teachers.

Moon Phases and Lunar Calendar

Live Sky map provides an advanced lunar calendar with moon phase widget. Moon phase calendar for New Year 2020 and any other year with full moon phase and new moon time. With Moon Phase app you can easily find out the moon lunar phase for all months. Moon tracker app shows the current moon phase and monthly moon calendar including Moon Rise and Moon Set time. This is the best lunar calendar moon app which shows the phase of the moon for every day and every month. Sky guide app provides moon locator and moon finder which predicts the moon position and finding the new moon at the beginning of every month.

Earth Map and Live Earth view

Sky Map app 2020 provides a Live Erath map and live satellite map view functionality. Explore a whole world with live earth view and 3D earth map. With a live earth map you can visit the live satellite view in real-time.

Top Features

? Skymap 2020 has a simple and attractive user interface

? Sky Map app is free to download and easy to use

? Shows Moon Phases and Lunar Calendar

? This start gazing education app provides complete details about starts.

? With This app user can check Stars Constellations in the Star map

? Find stars in a night view with star finder

? Skymap app identify planets, stars, nebulae and many more

? This app also provides night sky guide, sky chart and star chart

If you have ever been looking for a live sky Map app, then this sky night view guide is a perfect app for you, it will show you an accurate night star view. The Sky walk app with Star tracker can help you to find the stars Constellations and Stargazing. This is the best star map and star gazer app for android mobile. Sky Map 2020 is also called a sky safari both seem to offer a locate Constellations, planets, moon phases, moon calendar, star gazing, satellites views and live earth view. Explore the sky, stargazer and sky views with one of the best Sky Guide app.

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