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FLIX IPTV Description

Download our application, which is made for IOS, fast and free, thus saving money on the internet. Create your own list and access live TV channels such as movies, series, match broadcasts, radio in the fastest and easiest way.

This app is free for 7 days. You can try and discover every feature you want. If you are satisfied, do not forget to activate your account after 7 days. Activation is applied once.

The Application features:4k streaming

Support: 3 different themes
Support: VLC player
Support: Fast streaming
Support: Easy access
Support: Simple interface
Support: Movie poster and trailer support in movies.
Support: Info and poster support in movies and in series.
Support: Possibility to add to favorites
Support: Language selection for movies and series
Support: Language selection for subtitle in movies and series

You can watch many foreign channels and series as you wish and enjoy unlimited TV in your pocket with your own list of tools such as IOS. All channels will be displayed as full screen and you have the opportunity to see a preview screen, Clarity and resolution will be at the highest level.

You can find out the release date, content, which actors played, and see the scores they got from TMDB. If there is a movie you cannot find, you can search the movie and watch it instantly thanks to its search feature. You can also add your favorite TV shows, movies and series.

Disclaimer: No channels are included in the application. Application developers are not responsible for the content uploaded to it

The most important thing in this application is that the application does not offer you a playlist. You prepare this playlist as you wish and the list to be created in the application is organized according to the content you have prepared. The content you do not want will not appear.

If a channel or content you dislike later occurs, you can hide the desired channel or content.

Since it is an application that can be used as a family, it also has the feature to lock channels with +18 content with a password. You can use it comfortably.
Finally, if you have forgotten your username and registration date, do not be alarmed. You can access your information in the application in settings!

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