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Social Dummy

Social Dummy

Social Dummy is a simple and easy-to-use entertainment tool to...
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Social Dummy Description

Social Dummy is a simple and easy-to-use entertainment tool to create fake and very faithful posts, comments, profiles, messages, direct messages and more in recreated popular social network apps.

Each account is highly customisable with many options available to make it your own!

Social Dummy is perfect for creating fake AU's (Alternative Universe), Fan-fiction or even just to fool your friends. The possibilities are endless and the app is ever growing with your contributions.

All your created fake posts and content are saved securely into the cloud so you can come back and continue your stories at any time.

Have an idea on what you'd like to see in a future version of Social Dummy?
Visit the support page (http://support.socialdummy.app) where you can vote on new accounts and suggest features you'd like to see added into the app.

For the latest news and announcements visit https://news.socialdummy.app.

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