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物理演算マルチダイス for Unity-Chan!【TRPG用10面ダイス対応】

物理演算マルチダイス for Unity-Chan!【TRPG用10面ダイス対応】

Unity-chan rolls the dice using the physics engine. A little Momotaro style?
40 Installs

物理演算マルチダイス for Unity-Chan!【TRPG用10面ダイス対応】 Screenshots

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物理演算マルチダイス for Unity-Chan!【TRPG用10面ダイス対応】 Description

[App introduction]
It is a multi-dice application that uses a physics engine.
A cute character throws up to 100 dice in a turbulent manner
Can (probably) be used for TRPG

[Basic function]
Choose the type of dice (or coins)!

Decide the number of dice to roll!

Tap the screen or shake the device! (Only for models equipped with an accelerometer)

Unity on the screen throws the dice!
Show the dice roll!

the end!

《Realistic behavior by physics calculation》
Since the behavior of the dice is simulated by physics rather than random numbers, no one has complete control over the result.

《Multi-dice specifications that can be used for various purposes》
You can select various dice such as 10-sided dice for TRPG and 20-sided dice from coin toss as well as normal 6-sided dice, and you can throw up to 100 dice at the same time. Of course, not only the total but also the order of the dice is displayed, so it is possible to use two 10-sided dice instead of the 100-sided dice.

<< With animation! Cute character pop dice app》
We had you appear in the character "Kohaku-chan's" of Unity Technologies Japan, and tried to make it a fun app with character animation such as jumping and dancing. With full voice and lively BGM!

[Abundant setting items]
《Type of dice》
2-sided coin / 4-sided dice / 6-sided dice / 8-sided dice / 10-sided dice / 12-sided dice / 20-sided dice
Can be selected from

《Dice color》
Original (initial color set for each type of dice) / white / black / green / red / blue / yellow / random
Can be selected from

《Maximum size of dice》
Large / Medium / Small
Can be selected from

* Large dice have high visibility and look best, but they are difficult to roll and may stop diagonally.
Even if you stop at an angle, the surface at the highest position will be judged as a roll, so there is no practical problem, but if you are concerned, try reducing the size of the dice.

《Number of 10-sided dice》
0-9 / 1-10
Can be selected from

* When using 10-sided dice with TRPG etc., 2 pieces may be used instead of 100-sided dice. (Example: If the first die is 8 and the second die is 7, use 87 as the roll)
To make it easy to use for such purposes, you can select whether to use 0 in the settings.
In addition, the design of the dice on the screen does not change regardless of which one is selected. Please note.

《Avatar & Costume (Character rolling dice)》
Kohaku Otori (original / summer / winter clothes) / Misaki Fujiwara (summer / winter clothes) / Yuko Kamibayashi (summer / winter clothes) / Not displayed
You can choose either (except for the initial costume, it will be released by watching the advertisement)

* The character set "SD Kohaku-chans" from Unity Technologies Japan is used.
Choose the one you like according to your mood, taste, temperature, humidity, and hunger!

UNITY-CHAN 1 / UNITY-CHAN 2 / Classroom / Japanese-style room / Mori
Can be selected from

* The behavior of the dice does not change depending on the map, so please choose as you like.

《BGM / Sound effects / Character voice》
Can be set to ON / OFF respectively

* Full voice is recommended because it is a big deal.
At the time of release, there is only one type of character voice (Asuka Kakumoto), but if you can use it a lot, may you add it?

High (high resolution) / Mid / Low (low resolution)
Can be selected from

* If you generate a large number of dice with complicated shapes such as 20-sided dice, or select a map with many objects such as "Japanese-style room" or "classroom", the operation may slow down depending on the specifications of the model you are using.
If you are concerned, you may be able to improve by lowering the resolution.

I hope you find it useful.

+++ [Credit] +++
BGM: Suenobu
Sound effect: Sound effect lab pocket sound
Illustration: Killer T cell TOPECON HEROES

(c) Unity Technologies Japan / UCL
This app is provided under the Unity-chan license terms

* Only those used free of charge are listed.

+++ [Disclaimer] +++
・ Even if any damage occurs to the user etc. by using this application, the developer does not take any responsibility for such damage.
・ Please note that the specifications of this application may be changed, revised, updated, released, or the service may be terminated without prior notice.

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