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Bifrost: Play the Best PC Games on Mobile

Bifrost: Play the Best PC Games on Mobile

Cloud Gaming! Play best Video&PC games on MOBILE without BUYING the accounts!
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Bifrost: Play the Best PC Games on Mobile Description

Bifrost is a cloud gaming platform where you can actually play PC games / video games on mobile. 
Register to win a free game controller 🎮 worth 20 dollars!

🖥 📲 Transform Your Phone into a High-end Gaming Console

• Bifrost is not a game library! Not a PC simulator! Not a PS4 simulator! Not a xBox simulator!
• Based on advanced game streaming & cloud gaming technology
• Thousands of games run smoothly

⭐️High Gaming Performance, Low Requirement

• Up to Full HD (1080P)
• 60 FPS 95% of games covered
• Down to 20ms of latency
• As low as starting from 2M/bps
• Virtual keyboard designed for mobile scenario
• For an optimal experience, we recommend WiFi or 5GHz, and a Bluetooth gamepad

✅Game Center Keeps Expanding

• Tell us what you want to play, it will be uploaded to game center, then you never have to wait for downloading or updating again.
• According to your opinion, 3A games, hottest games, popular games get priority
• Bifrost will not miss any top reviewed games and highlight ones in leading PC game platforms and console game platforms

💰Not only saving $1000 for you

• The cheapest Alienware costs $1000, just as STADIA, GeForce Now, xCloud, Bifrost helps you save more
• By simply subscribing, you can play all the games unlimitedly via Bifrost Sharing Account System
• If you enjoy one game a lot, we recommend you buy it from the developer so that you can enjoy it exclusively

Bingo! We aim to be the Netflix in game industry. Bifrost want to be the Barrier Breakers, eliminate the barrier between games and gamers by developing game streaming & cloud gaming technology.

🥰Fun within Reach
• Bifrost is constantly improving for gamers
• iOS, Chrome version are on the way
• Our mission is to empower gamers to play the games they want to play, because we are gamers too.

👬Contact Bifrost
• If you are a game developer want to show your high-quality games to a wider audience, contact us at: [email protected]
• Get on the journey together with us and enjoy the cyber world!

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