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DiscoverE - Discover Tech Events

DiscoverE - Discover Tech Events

Find all the tech-related events, competitions, workshops, and hackathons.
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DiscoverE - Discover Tech Events Description

Are you a Tech-Enthusiast? Are you looking for a one-stop destination where you can get all the information related to tech-related competitions, workshops, and other happenings?

Then here's your solution, DiscoverE!

What is DiscoverE?
DiscoverE helps you Discover opportunities.
It is a platform that helps you to find all the tech-related events be it competitions, workshops, and hackathons at one place so that you never miss an opportunity again!

DiscoverE aims to provide value by:

- Information related to all tech-related events including Hackathons, Webinars, Meetups, Workshops, etc at one place

- Events segregated on the basis of domains including but not limited to coding, developing and designing

- Saving your favorite events so you can check them back any time

- Share all the events with your friends through social media platforms

- Get regular notifications about all the upcoming events and never miss an opportunity

- You can also list your very own events on our platform in a frictionless way and reach out to thousands of other tech enthusiasts.

Our Vision
We aspire to inspire the next wave of changemakers who will be leading India’s Internet Revolution.

Proudly Made in India

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