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Solaguayre - Venta Online

Solaguayre - Venta Online

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Solaguayre - The Holstein breeding in Argentina

Haras Solaguayre specializes in breeding and training sport horses for jumping and dressage.

Our goal is to produce very good horses for sport, with long life, healthy, modern, gentle and promoting long-term customer relationships based on trust and honesty relationships.

For this our premises are:

Good people, honest, professional and committed to the project, with love and passion for horses, for all stages of the activity.
Genetica, strict selection of mothers and sires, using modern lines Holsteiner blood.
appropriate facilities for breeding and training products, pens, boxes, floors used for training.
Fully exploit genetics with good nutrition and health, starting with pregnancy, permanent professional care.
intensive care, to achieve docile, healthy, personalized handling animals to prevent strokes and accidents.

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