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Ingresse - Ingressos e Eventos

Ingresse - Ingressos e Eventos

Discover and buy tickets for the best events in your city!
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Ingresse - Ingressos e Eventos Description

In the Ingresse app you can discover and buy tickets for the best events and experiences in your city. Online tickets for New Year's Eve, ballads, parties, college parties, concerts, festivals, blocks and carnival boxes are here!
Buying Tickets
Events are divided by region and categories such as parties, ballads, festivals and many others. By choosing your event and making the payment, your ticket will be stored in the ticket portfolio.
Transferring Tickets
Ingresse is the only one with ticket transfers. Tickets can be sent directly to friends' wallets via email. The ticket holder has to accept or decline, and while the submission is pending it is possible to cancel the transfer at any time.
Ticket Card
Tickets you have purchased via the app or website are stored in your wallet and can be accessed offline so you can enter the event without the need for internet. We do not email tickets, this ensures that only you will have access to the purchased ticket.
Finding Experiences
By using GPS, the app can find and recommend events from all categories available in your region. Our search also works nationwide, which means that if you search for a term in the search tab, you can find and guarantee your next experience in any of the Brazilian states.
Event Details
In addition to knowing which ballads, college parties, 2020 street blocks, 2020 Carnival blocks, concerts, festivals, and theater and cultural events are near you, the app also shows you how to get there via your own mobile map.
Year Round Events
Discover the main events throughout Brazil! Throughout the year, at New Year's Eve 2020 and Carnival 2020 the app has tickets available for festivals, parties, ballads, shows, blocks and carnival cabins with no time to end!
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