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Jawahar Bal Manch
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Jawahar Bal Manch is an organization formed for children ranging from 10 years to 17 years of age.

The organization takes its name in honour of the first Prime Minister of India, Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru, one of the greatest thinker, administrator, politician and role model of the 20th century. Above all he was a great lover of children and believed firmly that the child is the father of the man and upheld the cause of the child’s development above every other concern.
Jawahar Bal Manch takes its birth following the success of Jawahar Balajanavedi an organization formed for children, to awaken and nourish latent talents in them. Jawahar Bal Manch seeks to inculcate in children the qualities of Social Values, Creativeness and Innovation, Personal Effectiveness, Proactive Participation in Social and National causes, Adherence to Democratic, Secular and Socialist ideals and to take pride in the Nation. The need to ingrain in young minds the concepts fraternity, equality and compassion is one of the key purposes of the gatherings of this group.

All the activities of this organization are meant only for children. The plan is for the children to develop, manage and evaluate the effectiveness of these activities themselves, thus creating leadership qualities and responsibility in them- with suitable adult supervision. The ultimate aim of this organisation is to play a dominant role in the character formation of children. The functioning of this organization is to be extended nationwide.

The abundant culture, civilization and tradition amassed and enjoyed by our earlier generations through universal truth, morality perseverance and patriotism should be handed over to the budding generation for the building up of a strong safe and secure nation.

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