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Ethix is a FREE app brought to you by Ethix....
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Ethix Description

Ethix is a FREE app brought to you by Ethix. This FREE App is for Investors to track their Investment Portfolio and know about Ethix Solutions.

Products covered include Mutual Funds & Equity Shares.

Key Features of Ethix Solutions:

1. Family Portfolio: Check updated Family Portfolio.
2. Applicant Portfolio: Check updated Applicant wise Portfolio.
3. Asset Allocation: Get the details of your Net Worth and its composition.
4. My Risk: Check your Insurance Details
5. Scheme Allocation: Total exposure in different schemes and its current value.
6. Recent Transaction: Check your last 10 Transactions which have done.
7. Calculators: Contains different financial calculators for your help.
8. About Us: know about Ethix
9. Locate Us - To Contact Us

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