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Ethie - Proof of Archive

Ethie - Proof of Archive

Ethie - Proof of Archive allows anyone with access to...
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Ethie - Proof of Archive Description

Ethie - Proof of Archive allows anyone with access to Ethereum funds to read and write text data on the Ethereum blockchain, with no technical skill required.

Simply type your message, transfer a small amount of Ethereum to the generated address, this is only used for paying the transaction fees to post to the blockchain (Ethie is a not-for-profit app), then wait and our app will handle the rest, including encoding your message to hex, generating wallets to broadcast to the blockchain, communicating with nodes to transmit your post data, relaying transaction hash, and ensuring sufficient block confirmations, all automatically. All you have to do is type and send.

To read messages on the blockchain, simply enter their transaction hash OR the message's ethie share code.

These messages are guaranteed to be untampered, due to the nature of Ethereum's protocol, and their timestamps are guaranteed to be accurate. Use this as a means to ensure information as historically known (proof of archive).


Ethie™ is a term of Apps4Life, LLC.
Ethie is powered by the Ethereum Blockchain but is not affiliated with Ethereum or the Ethereum foundation.

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