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It is an application that automatically notifies the start / end time of each session (front / back) for a part-time job trader
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デイトレ持ち越し防止アラート Description

It is an application that automatically notifies the time of each session to day traders who do not face the chart all day.
In addition to the trading start and end times of the previous and subsequent trades, the push notification will be sent to the smartphone 10 minutes before the end of the latter trade (closing).
In particular, it is intended to be used by traders (like me) who conduct transactions that need to close on the same day without carrying over to the next trading day, such as Matsui Securities “One-day margin trading”. You.

Of course, I think that any number of similar things can be done with the existing alarm app, but I personally wanted a dedicated app, so I made one.
It was developed as a 99% personal product, but please use it if you need it.

Customization is also possible, such as changing the sound of notifications to prevent unnecessary notifications in conjunction with Android features.

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