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Calculadora IMSS e INFONAVIT 2021

Calculadora IMSS e INFONAVIT 2021

Know the Worker-Employer Fee to be paid for each worker hired
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Calculadora IMSS e INFONAVIT 2021 Description

Know the Workers' Employer Fees (IMSS and INFONAVIT) that will be paid for the hiring of a new worker or for the salary increase of a worker.

It is not necessary to be an expert in the subject, just by noting the daily salary that will be paid the calculator can perform the calculation

If you are an accountant, it will make it easier for you to respond to your clients about these installments more easily and quickly, since you do not need to fill out more information

• Calculates the employer monthly employer contributions (IMSS)
• Calculation of the employer contributions of INFONAVIT
• Table of Predetermined Integration Factors
• Basic Integration Factor Calculator
• Average Risk Premium Table
• Allows you to copy the calculations

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