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Instant Personal Loan App Online Loan - KreditBee

Instant Personal Loan App Online Loan - KreditBee

Instant Personal Loan upto ₹2 lakh for 62 days to 15 months at 0-2.49% per month
22M+ Installs

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Recent Reviews

Venkatesh Voddepelli
Venkatesh Voddepelli
Definitely a 5 star rating app. Everything ok, but processing fee is too high, I am not happy with that. Collecting 10% of loan amount is not good. Some of the loan providing apps collecting processing fee only first time and from the next loans, they collecting only interest that too @ normal %. So, please look into this. And, another one issue is, I paid every loan on time, but not increasing loan amount, after providing same loan 2 or 3 times, they are increasing which is not satisfied at all
Posted 7 months ago
ಕಿರಣ್ ಗೌಡ
ಕಿರಣ್ ಗೌಡ
It was a great app. Had great service too. They've help me alot in many situations when I needed a loan. But now they're having a difficult situation, as everyone else are. But I don't think they're doing anything innovative to keep their customers content or they're not even trying to keep us using.. near by 2 years i am happy with kredit bee, some critical condtions i am getting help from kredi bee but in covid situation they dicresed loan amount, i request to you plz little encrese the amoun
Posted 6 months ago
Pooja Sonawane
Pooja Sonawane
I really liked this app before. It has helped me many times when I needed urgent money. But after using it for such a long period and even repaying all loans on time, they are not providing any loans. This is very disappointing. It's been more than 5 months, still they are not providing me further loan. If you can't help the clients I their need, then what's the point of this app? Ridiculous!!
Posted 6 months ago
swetha s
swetha s
Kreditbee I would say it very good for instant loan on urgent bases I would give 5 or more than that but I was very much upset because I didn't get any resolution nor proper support when I complaint about unblocking my id, and still I'm not able to open it. Support your customer when they are in need they will definitely spread your positivnees. Don't broke the trust we have.
Posted 6 months ago

Instant Personal Loan App Online Loan - KreditBee Description

Loans range from ₹1,000 to ₹200,000
Tenure: 62 days to 15 months. Interest rates range from 0%-29.95% depending on risk profile of customer and product availed
Example: If loan amount is ₹50,000 & interest is 22% per annum with tenure of 62 days; after deducting any other fees
Interest = ₹50,000 x 22%/365 x 62 = ₹1,868

KreditBee is an Instant Personal Loan App & Credit Platform for Young Professionals across India, where one can apply for Personal Loan Online & avail up to ₹2 Lakh as Direct Cash Transfer to Bank Account.

Loan Types

Flexi Personal Loan - A flexible loan option where you can avail loans within 10 minutes of app install as direct bank transfer. All you need is your PAN Card, ID & Address Proof, and you can avail from ₹1,000 to ₹50,000 for a tenure ranging from 62 days to 6 months.

Personal Loan for Salaried - A personal loan option where you can avail amounts from ₹10,000 to ₹2 Lakhs as direct bank transfer for a tenure ranging from 3 to 15 months. All you need is your PAN Card, ID, Address Proof and Salary Proof.

Online Purchase Loan - A loan option where you can Buy anything Now, Pay Later in EMIs. Via this option, you can avail e-vouchers on KreditBee App on loan, purchase on KreditBee's partner platforms like Flipkart, Amazon, MakeMyTrip, Myntra & many more through those e-vouchers, and pay KreditBee later in EMIs.


1. 100% Online process
2. Minimal documentation
3. Fast approval
4. Immediate bank transfer

Benefits & Risks

1. Get access to higher amounts & tenures as you repay on time
2. As compliance requirement your payment behaviour is shared with credit rating agencies; based on that your credit score may increase/decrease


1. Indian resident
2. Above the age of 21 years
3. Should have monthly source of income

How to get started

1. Install KreditBee App
2. Register through your Facebook/Google account
3. Fill your basic details to check first level eligibility
4. Upload KYC documents - ID, Address Proof & PAN card
5. Avail Loan as bank transfer or e-voucher as per your request

Amount, Tenure, Fees & Charges

Loans amount: ₹1,000 to ₹200,000, Tenure: 62 days-15 months. KreditBee charges one-time service fee while onboarding or during upgrade which is ₹30-₹350 depending on the risk profile and membership band availed by customer. Interest rates range from 0%-29.95% with equivalent monthly interest rate of 0%-2.49% only. A small processing fee is charged for loans e.g. for low risk customers 0%-3% of the principal, for very high-risk customers 2.5%-6.5%*. The charges and repayment tenures vary based on creditworthiness and repayment ability of the customers.

Penalty is charged only when someone delays their scheduled payment.

The APR for different products is separate as per the risk profile of the customers. The APR for different personal loan products: low risk customers is 0%-36%, medium risk customers is 18%-39%, high risk customers is 24%-42%* and very high-risk customers is 24%-70%*.

In addition to it, GST will be applicable only on the fee components as per Indian laws.

*The higher charges are only for loans of lower amount and lower repayment tenure.


A new low risk customer availing personal loan for salaried can avail a loan of ₹50,000 at an interest rate of 22%, processing fee of ₹1,250 for a period of 12 months and onboarding fees of ₹350. This would translate to an APR 25.2%.

Interest Calculation

If loan amount is ₹50,000 & interest is 22% per annum; and loan is to be repaid over 12 EMIs, then overall interest payable is ₹6,157 only. The EMI per month would be ₹4,680 only.

Contact Us

1. Twitter: Tag us @kreditbee for quick response
2. Mail: [email protected]
3. Call: 08044292200


The Royal Stone Park, 3rd Floor, No. 100, Above Honda Showroom, Sakshi Nagar, Pai Layout, Bennigana Halli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560016

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