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Penny A Day - Challenge

Penny A Day - Challenge

Penny A Day will help you save some money by the end of year!
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Penny A Day - Challenge Description

Welcome to Penny A Day - your number one tracker of coins!

Penny A Day is an application that will help you track your money savings while you're doing the 'Penny a day' challenge. It's very simple to use and will display how much money you've saved so far and how much you should put aside on the day.

There are 3 challenges on the app:

Penny A Day - regular 1p on day 1, 2p on day 2 and so on for a year.

Penny A Day (reversed) - reversed challenge, starting with 3.66p to put aside on day 1, and ending the year with 1p to put aside!

Pound A Day - Save big by putting aside 1 pound on day 1 up to 7 pounds on day 7, and then reset again on day 8.

In addition to the application - there is a widget that can be added to your home screen to make it even easier! You can confirm your daily goals from the widget itself!

Start today and save enough money for next Christmas and treat yourself to something nice!

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