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Merchant Console

Merchant Console

Manage payments for your business with the Merchant Console app.
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Merchant Console Description

• Accept credit card payments no matter where you are. (accept payment)
• Track and manage your payments. (transaction list/payment details)
• Manage your store’s inventory from the palm of your hand. (all products grid)
• Create and edit products (product details)
• You control the risk. Reject or approve the payment. (transaction detail (under review))

The Merchant Console app makes it easy to for merchants to manage their payments from a single app. Merchant Console puts your business at your fingertips, making it easy to accept payments from any major card brand. Stay on top of your business by viewing up-to-date transaction details, sending e-invoices and managing your account on the go.

Mobile Storefront
Run your storefront from anywhere. Use your camera and the app to add new products easily, update existing ones in seconds, and look at store orders.

Fraud Control
Control risk by managing your fraud rules and viewing both processed and pending transactions and their fraud scores.   

Download the Merchant Console app today and take control of your payments wherever your business takes you.

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