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Prismea Description

Smart mobile business banking with all the expertise of traditional banking: the best of both worlds.

Based on the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, your Prismea application allows you to benefit from a dedicated FD (1) at your fingertips with all the autonomy that a mobile device offers:

Create a business account in a few minutes
A business account for deposits and withdrawals
Anticipate your cash flow needs with real-time updates
Instant management of your employees

In a second phase:

Alert notifications and aggregation of multiple accounts
Instant loans and online pre-approval based on credit scoring

Who are we? Prismea is a neobank,100% affiliated to the Crédit du Nord Group. Founded by business client advisers, Prismea has been designed to specifically support businesses in their use of financial services.

Welcome to Prismea, Welcome to your home!

Prismea connects traditional banking and latest technologies - Discover the best of both worlds - For Freelancers, sole traders, and Small/Medium sized businesses.

(1) Financial Director

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