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DBGB mPassbook

DBGB mPassbook

Official DBGB mPassBook
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DBGB mPassbook Description

Through DBGB mPassBook you can view your account transactions any time.
You don't need to be a mobile banking or internet banking user to register for this app.
Any Retail customer of DBGB, with mobile number registered with us can use this app to
view their account statement.

1. M-Pin based login, so that you don't have to remember long username and passwords.
2. You can view mini statement and detailed statement of your account.
3. You can download and save detailed statements in your device.
4. Your account number is password for downloaded detailed statement.

** You need your 9 character customer id to register for this app. It can be found on your printed passbook.

** This app is only for our retail users.

** Savings, Current, Overdraft, Recurring accounts can be viewed through this app.

** Android 5.1 and above supported.

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