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[Guide to restrictions on use of money rain service]

With the reorganization of the MoneyBi investment service, the use of the service is temporarily limited to improve the quality of service. We will greet you in a developed form as soon as possible after reorganization. thank you.

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● Moneybee Robo Advisor
> Moneybee RoboAdvisor is an AI-based, same-time arbitrage trading system that works for the digital asset market. We aim for a 25 ~ 30% annual rate of return by detecting crises and opportunities through real-time data such as quotes and sales volume.

● Light start, easy application
> The basic program fee is free, and a fee is charged for the revenue generated. In addition, it is possible to start from 10,000 won, so anyone can easily start, and it takes 30 seconds to apply for an investment by opening a separate account or using a simple investment process without complicated procedures.

● Just start
> Leave your money and investment management worries to MoneyBee. Safe and enjoyable investment life is possible for any MoneyBee member.

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