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SGB Mobile

SGB Mobile

You can also have a bank within reach!
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SGB Mobile Description

With SGB Mobile you have a bank at your fingertips. Access to accounts, cards and BLIK, as well as the ability to control, activate and manage cards added to subscribed services, online stores and digital wallets.

Use convenient and safe features of the application:
- log in with a PIN or biometrically,
- check the account balance and transaction history,
- send and redo transfers,
- comprehensively manage cards - activate, change limits, block
and block cards,
- pay and withdraw with BLIK,
- activate mobile payments and pay with your smartphone.

With SGB Mobile you can do more:
- manage subscriptions - check the websites to which you have added your card (subscriptions, shops and services) and manage it: block and unblock the card,
- add cards to digital wallets and remove them freely,
- use geolocation and find the nearest SGB branches and ATMs.

Remember - do not download the application from unknown sources, install it only from the Google Play / App Store.
In SGB # we have everything ... a mobile application too!

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