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Evolum Méditation & Développement Personnel

Evolum Méditation & Développement Personnel

Evolum is your guide for a fulfilling and peaceful life.
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Evolum Méditation & Développement Personnel Description

Evolum is a guided meditation and personal development app.

Every day, embark on a journey of a few minutes deep in your consciousness.

Change your inner reality, and change your life.

Using Evolum, prepare for:

✅ Learn to meditate through guided meditations
✅ Discover the well-being of a calm and more peaceful spirit
✅ Discover the happiness of a life aligned with your deepest aspirations and rooted in the present
✅ Develop your concentration and your mindfulness
✅ Discover powerful personal development methods
✅ Total relaxation of body and mind

To achieve these results, we use tools such as:

➡️ Mindfulness meditation
➡️ Creative visualization
➡️ Gratitude
➡️ The law of attraction
➡️ Harmonization of the chakras
➡️ Deep relaxation techniques
➡️ Principles of Reiki, Energetic Visualization, Kundalini, Yoga
➡️ Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)
➡️ The mudras
➡️ Energy points of EFT
➡️ Non-violent communication (NVC)
➡️ Principles of shamanism
➡️ Positive psychology
➡️ The release of negative emotions
➡️ The MBSR
➡️ Culture of self-confidence
➡️ Hypnosis
➡️ Buddhist meditation
➡️ Tantra
➡️ Sophrology
➡️ Ayurveda
➡️ Methods of letting go
➡️ Ho'oponopono method
➡️ The connection to the higher self
➡️ Ikigai
➡️ Body scans
➡️ The practice of conscious intention
➡️ Manifestation of abundance
➡️ Positive affirmations
➡️ Release of the inner child
➡️ Vipassana meditation
➡️ Development of intuition
➡️ Development of the third eye
➡️ The wounds of the soul
➡️ The shrink
➡️ Other techniques of relaxation and personal development

Relaxing music and sounds of nature (singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, kirtan, binaural sounds, mantras, Morcerals created to increase the concentration, sounds in 432hz).

Perfect against:
❌The stress

Embody the change you want to see in the world.


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