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FitDiary - Jurnal de Nutritie

FitDiary - Jurnal de Nutritie

Lose weight and live healthier fastest and easily log calories
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FitDiary - Jurnal de Nutritie Description

Whether you want to lose weight, you toned, be healthier and healthier, to change your eating habits or just get informed about the calories from the foods you eat, FitDiary - Journal of Nutrition you can help.

Why you should use our application?

First, it is easy to use, free and contains no ads, but what makes us truly a useful application, is the functionality.

Discover the nutritional values ​​(calories, carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, fats) of more than 8,000 national and international products. This information is permanently visible and does not require any kind of registration.

If you want a truly personalized you can register easily with Google or Facebook account and then we will offer you the following things:

- Add items to the menu daily depending on the amount consumed
- calculation in real time of the Body Mass Index
- Calculate the Basal Metabolic Rate real time
- Viewing statistics total calories consumed per day in the last 7 days

Download FitDiary and live healthy / a and happy / the fastest and easy to use diary calories.

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