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Decorative Solitaire

Decorative Solitaire

Decorative Solitaire is an ingenious App, an interesting app. This...
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Decorative Solitaire Description

Decorative Solitaire is an ingenious App, an interesting app. This mobile game has stood the test of time.

This mobile game can stand the test of every player, this mobile game allows players to experience a new game pleasure.

In the game, you can play happily, you can cooperate with your hand and brain, you can go through the battle with wisdom, and dominate the world with wisdom.


Combine all the cards into the same suit from K to A in descending order. The completed set will be automatically moved out of the desktop.

The desktop can be arranged in descending order regardless of suit. A set of cards of different suits in descending order can be moved together.

Any one or a group of cards can be placed in the open space. Click the spare card to be dealt to the desktop.

Game features:

Non-stop fun; challenge hand speed;

Simple and happy; full of fun;

Lots of joy; unlimited happiness;

Quickly join us in this game, I believe he will make you fun.

If you have any good ideas about the game, you may wish to write us a letter, contact: [email protected]

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