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Angry Little Elf

Angry Little Elf

We’re psyched out of our minds about the latest game...
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Angry Little Elf Description

We’re psyched out of our minds about the latest game from VLG. Finally, an alternative to overplayed, rural-themed games.

There’s nothing vulnerable about throwing snowballs carnival style. We give you 30 snowballs to throw at targets in our “shooting” gallery. Earn an extra 10 snowballs every time you hit the Angry Little Elf.

Be careful not to hit Santa Claus or the carol singers. Everything else is fair game. Earn a 500-point bonus when you hit all four of the main food groups—candy, candy canes, candy corn, and maple syrup.

From rabid raccoons to out-of-control park police, this game is addictive.

It’ll leave you saying, “Play this game ONE more time!”

Sit down with a cup of the world’s best coffee and loosen up your throwing arm. Enjoy the game!

And don’t forget…

The best way to spread holiday cheer is to share this game with friends both far and near.

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