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Sticky - Memes & Sticker Maker

Sticky - Memes & Sticker Maker

- The #1 Pro Sticker Maker for WhatsApp, now 100%...
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Sticky - Memes & Sticker Maker Description

- The #1 Pro Sticker Maker for WhatsApp, now 100% FREE!
- Professional grade Meme & Sticker Editor
- Sticker Social Network: publish your stickers & see 1000s by other users.
- Export to WhatsApp, iMessage & more
- No Ads, No Purchases, No Subscriptions.
- If you like the app, we'd really appreciate it if you can make a contribution to support creators and help keep the app free, but this is 100% optional and up to you.

Created by Daily - the studio behind Daily Stickers (aka Sticker Maker + Stickers) a premium subscription-based app which is #1 Sticker App Worldwide by $ sales, with 150k+ positive ratings. 

We've taken all our learnings from our premium app and provide the Best PRO Sticker Editor on the market + a social network for you to share your stickers & memes & find new ones - Free.

- The app allows import of stickers into major messaging apps, but is independent from and not affiliated with or endorsed by any of the mentioned social and messaging apps.
- The app allows users to publish their own stickers. We strive to keep the community safe, but if you do see inappropriate content, please report it via the in-app features and we will take action within 24h. Publication of inappropriate content or abusive behavior is not tolerated and will result in ejection from the platform.
- Privacy Policy: dailyltd.com/privacy
- Terms of Use: dailyltd.com/terms

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