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Realistic Paint Studio

Realistic Paint Studio

Realistic Paint Studio is a unique digital art software. The...
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Realistic Paint Studio Description

Realistic Paint Studio is a unique digital art software. The program combines the simplicity of traditional tools and pioneering innovations in digital art.

No special education is required to work in Realistic Paint Studio. The interface is designed to show a familiar art station with real paper, brushes, pencils, pens, and markers, etc. instead of a complicated and hard-to-understand graphic editor.

With Realistic Paint Studio you will forget that you are using a digital editor, being completely absorbed in the art process!

Easy-to-use, yet powerful engine allows to draw and paint in any desirable style!

- "Realistic color" - Unique color engine!

- 3 creative styles: Drawing, Watercolor, Oil Painting

"Realistic brushes" carefully designed to convey all the nuances of real brushes, pencils, pens, markers, etc.

- “Realistic showcase” - You can instantly have a look at your picture within a beautiful scene

- “Realistic Canvases” - 15 types of sketchbooks, paper sheets, and canvases with 45 different textures scanned from real materials.

- “Realistic palettes” - Most of the brushes have their own palette's presets.

- “Live demonstration” - Instant demonstration of drawing methods for the selected tool

- Live liquid watercolor drops

- Step by step tutorials

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