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"Cherry" is a smart and erotic social app for Libo...
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CherryPub Description

"Cherry" is a smart and erotic social app for Libo sex toys. Online support for more than a dozen fun toys, through a variety of well-designed gameplay to bring you a new taste experience; healthy and happy content community online emotional knowledge classroom online, online interpretation of gender knowledge and emotional confusion.

We have a important updating in 2018 to support the XiaoHan。 Now,you can have a friendly training with XiaoHan and new Cherry hub,then you will become the sexy one you want to be。

Immersion : Fingers on the screen, control the vibration of the toy rhythm, close your eyes, enjoy it.
8 Modes : Carefully selected 8 kinds of vibrations rhythm, there is always a can let you relax enjoy.
Remote : Again far distance, also can let him control your body at any time.
History : CherryPub can save your rhythm, let you replay it any time.

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