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Rediscover your photos by chance, share them and challenge others....
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Once Photos Description

Rediscover your photos by chance, share them and challenge others.
Once Photos securely chooses a photo from your phone library by chance. You can select the yearly range that you would like to choose the photo from. Share your lucky chosen photo and challenge your friends to share theirs.

Once Photos is an offline app with no servers to ensure our users a safe place when it comes to one of your sensitive assets, your photos. No saving, no uploading, a simple light weight app that helps you to:

__REDISCOVER__ your forgotten photos buried in your time capsules

__STOP SCROLLING__in your photo library and leave it to your chances to show your photos

__BE SURPRISED__with your own photos!

__PLAY__a chance game against your own photos to see what comes up

__SHARE__your randomly chosen photos

__NO JUDGEMENT__on your shared photo since you didn’t pick it!

__CHALLENGE__your friends to share theirs

Once Photos and its idea was born after COVID-19 pandemic began. We created Once Photos app to serve two main goals during these challenging days:

Rediscover and Relive the moments before this pandemic
Raise a donation fund to fight against COVID-19 and future pandemics

We pledge to donate half of the profit from Once Photos app to Gates Philanthropy Partners for combating COVID-19 and global pandemics.

Once Photos is powered by Authentik, Inc., a small mission driven company. Our mission is to bring back authenticity to social media. Using this app and leaving your review will help us to serve you with more ideas in the future. Once Photos is our first app and we have more in the works. Visit our website and keep an eye out for future products by signing up for our announcements.

For support and questions contact us at: [email protected]
Privacy Policy: https://once.photos/privacy/
Terms and Conditions: https://once.photos/terms/

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