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CLOS - Remote Shooting

CLOS - Remote Shooting

CLOS is the world's first app for shooting high resolution...
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CLOS - Remote Shooting Description

CLOS is the world's first app for shooting high resolution photos and videos remotely. App of choice for Vogue Italia's remote shootings.

Using CLOS is just as simple as creating a virtual room and sharing the link with your friends. Once your room is set up you can manage the process remotely as if you are at the same location as the model. Whether they are across the street or on another continent.
Make photos, record videos, save them in high resolution straight to your camera roll or Dropbox.

Stay home, stay creative.


- Host and manage remote photo shoots.

- Take pictures in high resolution (4032 × 3024).

- Record videos in high resolution (3840 × 2160).

- Get high resolution photos and videos regardless of the internet speed

- Use the focal and exposure point with the main camera.

- Use the flash.

- Choose where the pictures go

- Explore the new kind of photography

By default, the pictures are saved on the model's device only. Use this option when the model's privacy is a priority.

Choose "upload to Dropbox" option to be in charge of the process. Share the access with your team.

All video calls are end-to-end encrypted.

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