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You can take photos, color and b&w, at the same...
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cineWink Description

You can take photos, color and b&w, at the same time.
The images look a little bit like cinema film.

•This iPhone camera app shoots an original color image and generates two images, color and b&w, from original one.
•Color and B&W images are added several cinema film essences individually.
•Small warm color grain, light monochrome grain and other grains make subtle differences of the looks.
•The differences are mainly in skin tones, color of blue sky and green foliage, midtones and tone of shadows.

You can easily shoot photos.
It is possible to change iso, ss, wb, tint, lens and zoom.

•No manual focus, because auto focus feature of iPhone is excellent.
Please enjoy deep focus like Akira Kurosawa’s films.
•No flash, no HDR, no movie recording, no self-timer, no histogram and no settings…
•You can focus on paying attention to the composition and the timing.

We hope you’ll shoot your favorite photos as many as possiible.

*How to use: https://www.cinewink.com/support.html

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