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Tactacam Reveal

Tactacam Reveal

TACTACAM REVEAL (Verizon or AT&T) cellular camera includes a pre-activated...
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Tactacam Reveal Description

TACTACAM REVEAL (Verizon or AT&T) cellular camera includes a pre-activated SIM card that will connect to your mobile device using the REVEAL APP. After activation and cellular connection, the REVEAL camera will deliver photos from your hunt location directly to your mobile device (you can view images from your favorite hunting spots). Manage your REVEAL cameras and share your favorite photos from the comfort of your home by using the REVEAL APP.

How to Connect:
1. Download and create your account on the REVEAL APP
2. Select one of the affordable REVEAL data plans.
3. Power on and scan your REVEAL cameras QR code with your REVEAL APP to activate and connect the camera.
4. Place your REVEAL camera in your favorite location.

- Easy Setup with a QR code scan from the REVEAL APP
- Manage multiple REVEAL cellular cameras from your mobile device
- Modify data plans using the REVEAL APP from your mobile device
- View and organize your images into folders on the go with the REVEAL APP
- Monitor SD card and Battery level and Cellular signal strength
- Share images from the REVEAL APP via text messages or email

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