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Air viewar is an Augmented Reality (AR) and QR code...
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Air ViewAR Description

Air viewar is an Augmented Reality (AR) and QR code scanner app designed to interact with airpages - The smart business directory. This is a smart directory booklet for business listings across the African region and beyond. With air viewar app, you can also scan and bring to life images on posters, billboards, AR business cards, QR codes on community business bleepers, and on most promotional materials; as long as you see the air viewar logo stamped on it.

Community Business Bleepers are mini pylons placed in a community displaying a QR code and possibly an image. On scanning the QR code using the Air viewar app, users are directed to business listings in that particular area. For example the app redirects you to www.airpages.info website and displaying listings for local mechanics, tailors, coffee shops, super markets, etc in that particular vicinity.

The images stamped with the Air viewar logo is an AR print that comes to life once scanned using Air viewar app. At the end of each AR video playing is a stack of related product videos.

Air viewar app is bringing business connectivity to a whole new level, as a smart conduit to a cloud based web directory of businesses via tangible medium such as print. The app also offers you pop notifications on goods and services within a community.

For businesses to feature in this directory, business owners have to subscribe to www.airpages.info.

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