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Airtel Smart Remote

Airtel Smart Remote

Control your Xstream and Internet TV set-top-box from Airtel with...
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Airtel Smart Remote Description

Control your Xstream and Internet TV set-top-box from Airtel with the official Airtel Smart Remote app.

Airtel Smart Remote lets you use your phone like a smart remote - change channels, adjust TV volume, set favourites, input text, click-and-drag navigation, and much more. Hot button feature to save and jump to your favorite channels and apps at any time. Built-in ‘Smart Gamepad’ with game-specific custom buttons and tilt controls to play your favourite Airtel games.

Share on TV feature to cast audio, video and photos from your mobile device to your TV screen for an enhanced viewing experience. Enjoy an uninterrupted TV experience with smart connectivity options such as auto-reconnect, one-tap connect, wi-fi push connectivity and multi-device support.

NOTE: This app is designed to work ONLY with the Xstream and Internet TV set-top-box models SH960S-AT / HSW4026ATL from Airtel Digital TV. It is not compatible with other set-top-box models.

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